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– Cerqueti

Project 8

– 2018

Our work

First of all, we found a way to forge partnerships with trekking guides, truffle hunters, riding schools and quad bikes, all activities in the surrounding area, to increase the supply of Cerqueti. In this way we have built the website for tourists, who can choose between half-board and fullboard accommodation, including packages based on their tastes and desires among the many activities we have made available. A tailor-made holiday for everyone and for all needs. The
packages by type, are aimed at both young couples and families, and single travellers.


Cerqueti is a farmhouse located in the municipality of Baschi, in the province of Terni. The place is surrounded by beautiful nature, the authentic Umbrian landscape and by some of the most beautiful towns in Italy, such as Todi, Orvieto, Assisi. The farmhouse despite having great potential was lacking in communication. The website was not indexed, the concept did not emphasize the place and the landscape around it and the User Experience was almost non-existent. Complementary activities to provide the customer with an authentic farmhouse experience were limited. Cerqueti should have made a substantial investment for the purchase of quads, horses for excursions etc. to stand by its competitors (Umbrian ones included) and become pugnacious in its business.


The communication on the site has an emotional tone, thus involving the public and inviting them to enter the family home, among the vegetable gardens, fields and animals, immersed in a timeless and intimate natural landscape. The payoff designed for Cerqueti “Surround yourself with beauty”, is the website leitmotif and of all the communication designed for them. In addition to the packages and tone of voice, we also played on emotional photography, and videos shot with the drone, to provide an overview of the place.


The commercial tells in 30″ what would the typical day of those staying at Cerqueti be. The activities are in the foreground, as the sense of intimacy and familiarity that gives the place and the people who run it. We gave space to traditions to promote the food part (for example, the elderly grandmother of the manager who still prepares homemade tagliatelle). The protagonists are a boy and a girl, this is to intercept the target we wanted during their activities, taking selfies that appear graphically in the video as in Instagram (colours and type of photo format).

Social Network Activities

We initially promoted the new website to make all Cerqueti pages communicate. Following an emotional tone, both Instagram and Facebook, they show the care and love that the family puts in hosting guests and giving them a relaxing experience. From social media we promote the restaurant, with photos and videos of the preparations and raw materials used in the kitchen that are directly produced by the farm. We always try to create engagement and aim for good reviews
on the Facebook page. After one year the reviews and reservations have increased by 35% even in the dead periods for the activity (autumn-winter).