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– Gecom

Project 4

– 2018_2020


Gecom spa is a leading group in Italy in security services. Specifically, Gecom is a general contractor that deals with the recruitment, treatment and management of the others’ business, in the context of security contracts in general and in particular in the sector of reception activities and services, as well as of supervision and custody of movable and immovable property and VIP escorting.

Our work

PricLab is responsible for the restyling of the group’s websites in 2018. We created a commercialad and currently manage the client’s social platforms.


In the communication project designed for Gecom, a commercial was needed to transmit the brand’s core business in a clear and simple way. Following the tone of voice established for the entire communication, we came up with the idea of creating the concept for a 30 second 3D Cartoon commercial, inventing a story and “mascot” characters representing the group.

Balloon Boy

Our aim was to give recognition to the brand, both for experts and non-experts. Our idea was to create a story with cartoon characters developed in 3D technology to spread the values of the brand.
Balloon Boy is born, a clumsy character, improvised hero, who tries to fight crime and help others by failing every time. The message we wanted to get across is that of the final slogan of the ad: “Do not improvise a superhero, rely on professionals, rely on Gecom”.

Mai più Soli

In 2019 to promote the new Mai Più soli App aimed at safeguarding vulnerable groups of the population (women, children, the elderly and professionals at risk of aggression), PricLab deals with the creation, production and post production of the commercial with a special testimonial, Anna Falchi.