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– Ti Touch

Project 7

– 2019


TiTouch is a new brand of Bangle Watch. TiTouch are trendy and functional, sold at anaffordable price.
The Brand is in the process of launching the first TiTouch collection for spring / summer 2019.
The watches, in addition to being beautiful and versatile, because they combine – for types of patterns – with various looks and outfits for women, men and children, they are also ecosustainable.
In fact, the watch-bracelet is made of high quality and manufacturing Splash Proof fabric; an added value to the product that, besides being a glamorous and functional accessory, is also eco-friendly.


For the commercial we chose to focus on different characters (the target) girls and boys, adults and pre-adolescents, each with a characteristic that denotes personality and style. The background of the video is always the same. We used green screen and played on backgrounds with a bright colour palette, to highlight every model and the bracelet or bracelets worn. The goal is to communicate with simplicity the versatility of Titouch, to associate the watch bracelet with the concept of glamour and fashion to create a recognizable trend. The colours are
those that work best to communicate with the target audience.

Social Network Activities

The commercial was designed to bring out high-performance multimedia content on social media, content that could be traced back to the commercial. Since TiTouch is a new brand, starting from scratch, it needs to enter the head of the buyer. Standardizing communication with a continuous return of colours and faces is the best way to lay the foundation of TiTouch brand reputation.


The one-page vertical scroll website is perfectly responsive. It will therefore be available in the same manner both on the desktop and on the mobile. The content map site is simple. The home page has incorporated the commercial and is very simple, mainly photographic. The site map is intuitive and streamlined to allow immediate recognition of the product.