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Project 5

– 2019_2020


Cocktail Club, Tattoo Parlour and Art Gallery. There is no other place to get lost like in Wisdomless Club. From day to late night, you enter a world suspended in time in an extraordinary setting in the centre of Rome: the Foresteria of Palazzo Boncompagni Duchi di Sora.

Our work

PricLab deals with Branding, Art Direction, Photography, Social video, Copywriting.

Specifically, the Social strategy of Wisdomless Club has been re-thought to increase the brand reputation and let its contents go viral. All this has been also supported by on-site events.

Social mini web series: it is all about the different types of business part of the Wisdomless container, making the club experience live and presenting the team, who they are and what they do. The focus is on the protagonists of the club: tattoo artists, bar managers and general managers. The communication starts from their presentation and their personalities, having as cultural references the twentieth-century avant-garde currents of surrealism and Dadaism. They inspire the concept of Wisdomless, the events and cocktails in the roaring ’20s style.

Motion Graphic of cocktails to promote the speakeasy bar.

Photo-shooting to create specific content to promote each container: tattoo parlour, bars and events.

Paper-based photo stories in sheets, in the 1920s style to promote cocktails through the stories of their inventors.